2022 Desolation Sound Cruise

Event Dates: 07/23/2022 - 07/28/2022

Make the exciting journey north to beautiful Gorge Harbour with the Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats factory team!

Each year we lead a group of 40 boats to Desolation Sound. We cruise as a group during the day and join together on the dock in the evenings for happy hours and dinners. It's a great way to travel to Desolation Sound. The final night of the cruise is Wednesday, July 27th. We celebrate our accomplishment with a fantastic Bbq on shore at beautiful Gorge Harbor Marina. The following day we part ways. Some stay at Gorge (advanced reservations required), some will turn around and head home, but most stay up for several more days or even weeks to explore the magic of Desolation Sound. We are available the entire cruise up to make sure that you have all the information you need to feel confident about your trip home and for all of your cruising plans after we depart from Gorge. Email events@rangertugs.com for more information.


Canadian Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound