With many of us now communicating with colleagues, friends and loved ones through video conferencing, we wanted to help add a visual component to those meetings that lets us imagine a time in the not too distant future, when we’ll be out on our boats cruising in the warm weather, enjoying a relaxing dinner at our anchorage, or evening appetizers at the dock. One of the most popular video conferencing platforms is Zoom, which allows users to easily add a virtual background. If you’re using this platform, we’ve put together a collection of photos you can use as your virtual background.

To download a Zoom Virtual Background

1. In the gallery below, click an image to expand it

2. With the image expanded, right click and select "save as"

3. Select the location you'd like to save the file (default is your "downloads" folder)

To add your Virtual Background in Zoom

1. Open the Zoom application and click on the “Home” tab

2. Click the gear icon near the top right hand corner to open “Settings”

3. Click “Virtual Background” on the left hand side of the window

4. Click the Plus icon on the right hand side of the window

5. Select “Add Image”

6. Navigate to where you’ve downloaded the image (this will most likely be in your “downloads” folder) and click “open”

That’s it, you’ve added a virtual background to your Zoom account! If you experience problems with the Virtual Background, you can find help by clicking here, to visit the Zoom support page.

Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-1 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-10 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-11 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-12
Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-13 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-14 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-15 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-16
Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-17 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-18 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-19 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-2
Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-20 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-21 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-22 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-23
Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-24 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-25 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-26 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-27
Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-28 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-29 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-3 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-30
Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-31 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-32 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-33 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-34
Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-35 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-36 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-37 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-38
Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-39 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-4 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-41 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-42
Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-43 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-44 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-5 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-6
Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-7 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-8 Cutwater-Boats-Webinar-Background-9