As the Prop Turns

“As the Prop Turns” is a live webinar series hosted by Cutwater Boats and Ranger Tugs. During each live broadcast, our Customer Service Team will address a variety of topics focused on maintenance and cruising in your Cutwater or Ranger Tug.

The webinar is hosted on the Zoom platform and is free to join for everyone. As an attendee, you will not be on camera or microphone but you will have the ability to type questions during and after the presentation. Each webinar is scheduled to last between 30-60 minutes. You do not have to purchase anything from Zoom or sign up for an account. You only need to register at the link provided below and follow the instructions in the confirmation email that you receive from Zoom.

We hope you will join us for our next webinar!

Next Episode: Late 2020 - Exact date TBD

Past Installments:

Each installment is uploaded to YouTube after the broadcast. This page will also be updated within 24 hours of each webinar with links to watch the latest episodes.


As the Prop Turns - Winterizing

As the Prop Turns - Close Quarters Maneuvering

As the Prop Turns - Top 5 Trailerable Trawler Destinations!

As the Prop Turns - Spring Maintenance Part 2

As the Prop Turns - Tugnuts on the Loose Q&A Session

As the Prop Turns - Spring Maintenance part 1

As the Prop Turns - Garmin 101

As the Prop Turns - Power Management


Click HERE to download episodes for offline viewing