We just returned from an exciting rendezvous and Canadian Gulf Island cruise with 50+ customers and our Washington state Cutwater Boats dealer, Bellingham Yacht Sales. Matt and Heather from BYS do a great job of planning this cruise every year. This year the cruise started with a fun weekend on the dock at Roche Harbor Resort where we enjoyed great food, fun games, and excellent company.

Sunday morning the group packed up and headed North to our next port, Otter Bay Marina. Otter Bay was scenic, relaxing, and quiet (until we got there at least). Some rented mopeds and headed into town, some took a swim, and others took a snoozer. After a long day in the sun we had a nice evening of socializing on the dock. 

Monday morning the group gathered themselves and several of us headed to Ganges on Salt Spring Island for lunch. Ganges is a great harbor to visit especially when you have very few miles to cover in a day like we did. Our destination for the afternoon was Montague Harbor on Galliano Island. Once we arrived and got settled at the dock in Montague, we hurried up the hill to catch up with Tommy Transit for a ride in his bus to the Hummingbird Cafe. If you have not ridden with Tommy Transit before, please add it to your bucket list. It was the highlight of the trip for many of us. See photos below! Dinner was great and the late night cornhole tournament on the dock was a blast for all the participants (sorry to everyone else in the harbor who was trying to sleep).

Our final destination was Telegraph Harbor on Thetis Island. What a wonderful facility and group of folks that run it. This was the perfect place to host our factory-sponsored bbq dinner. Everyone had fully sunken in to the slow cruising lifestyle by this point in the trip. Many took walks around the island and enjoyed homemade ice cream. Lots of smiles and laughs were shared as we all tried to forget that we would be parting ways the following morning. It was a beautiful night at Telegraph Harbor. Matt from Bellingham Yacht Sales sent everyone off with a homemade blueberry pancake breakfast. A great time was had by all, especially us from the factory. Thank you to our great Cutwater Boat Owners and thank you to Bellingham Yacht Sales. 

For information on the 2017 Cutwater Cruise email matt@bellinghamyachts.com Photos by Sam Bisset and Jerry Walker

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