Here at the factory we’ve always known that our Lead Designer and Head of Engineering, Dave Livingston was a legend but he officially earned the title on June 17th when the Northwest Marine Trade Association announced Dave as the recipient of the their prestigious “Legend” Award. Dave is only the 6th person to receive the award in its 20+ years of existence.

The NMTA is the country’s largest regional marine trade association. Its members include boat dealers, boat brokers, marinas, boat yards, manufacturers, retailers and suppliers of boating accessories and services. They also produce the Seattle Boat Show.

The award is NMTA’s highest honor and presented to individuals who have significantly contributed to the evolution of the recreational boating industry.

“It is remarkable what Dave has done for recreational boating and we are honored to present our most prestigious award to him,” said NMTA President George Harris. “Dave is one of the most accomplished boat designers in the world.”

Dave has been designing boats for over 50 years. Before Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats, he created or modified boats for Bayliner, Reinell, Wellcraft, Regal, and many, many more. His iconic design bearing the family name, the Livingston dinghy, is one of the most famous designs of all time.

There are more people on the water in boats that Dave designed than any other designer in the world. That is quite a legacy and as an owner of a Ranger Tug or Cutwater Boat you are the beneficiary of over 50 years of design and engineering (not to mention cruising) experience.

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